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Education & Workforce Development

New transportation innovations, policies and programs will quite literally change the world as we know it.

The changing landscape and new challenges that present themselves will inevitably give way to new job opportunities.

But these opportunities won’t fill themselves. The baby boomer generation, along with their experience and leadership, is on its way out of the workforce. And even for the few that remain, the new technology demands some new skills we could have never anticipated 20 years ago.

Educating, recruiting and training new workers will be critical to managing our country’s infrastructure safely and efficiently. Safety21 strives to help develop an equitable and sustainable transportation workforce capable of designing and maintaining the complex transportation systems of tomorrow.

Non-Degree Programs

Safety21 Seminar Series

Research faculty and doctoral students come together to connect, collaborate and share their current research projects with students, partners and the community at large. Learn More.

Transportation Club Forums

Interested in getting involved in cool transportation projects? CMU Transportation Club Forums provide students with the opportunity to develop connections with our deployment contacts and other people who love talking about pedestrians, bikes, transits, driverless cars, complete streets and more. Learn More.

Safety21 Learning Channel

Can’t make it to campus? All Safety21 Seminar Series and Transportation Club forums will be collected and archived onto a YouTube channel for students, community members, and transportation professionals to access at anytime, anywhere. Learn More.

Industry Student Chapters

Safety21 supports industry student chapters, including ASCE, ASHE, ASME, SAE, IEEE, NSBE with faculty sponsors and access to our deployment partners. We are also working to develop a WTS student chapter for the Pittsburgh region.

ASCE Transportation and Development Institute

ASCE’s Pittsburgh Student Chapter is looking to partner with the Safety21 to build a regional institute that integrates urban development with transportation engineering through complete streets, bike paths, etc. T&DI would like to work closely with the UTC to be another outlet to the professional community.

Innovation Programming & Competitions

Transportation Techie Hacknights

Passionate about getting people from point A to point B? Show off your skills to help people find healthy, efficient and sustainable transportation options at Transportation Techie Hacknight. Each hacknight will have a theme based on real-world questions brought to Mobility21 through community partners, while participants present their own apps, hacks and visualizations to address the issues within our communities.

UTC Annual Hackathon Competition

As a culminating event of our hacknights, we will hold a UTC Hackathon Competition that will offer cash prizes and leverage our technology transfer resources to the most promising projects. These Hackathons will be produced by the UTC in partnership with Open Pittsburgh, the City of Pittsburgh, the Western PA Regional Data Center.

National Transportation Camp

Transportation Camp brings together the top thinkers and doers in the fields of transportation and technology to discuss, share, collaborate and exchange bleeding edge ideas that will mold the next phase of transportation innovation. This UNconference is not to be missed.

National Transportation Gaming Competition

Working in partnership with IDEATE labs and the Entertainment Technology Center at CMU, the UTC will build on the momentum building in the gaming industry and how it can effectively train and educate the future workforce by hosting a National Transportation Gaming Competition.

K-12 Summer Programs

Pennsylvania Governor’s School of Science

Safety21 is proud to offer talented students the opportunity to participate in specialized study in the transportation field through the Pennsylvania Governor’s School of Science. Each annual session of the Governor’s School of Science will feature an elective course on ITS, exposing rising high school seniors to the industry.

Carnegie Mellon Institute for Talented Elementary & Secondary Students

Safety21 will expose the next generation of workers to the transportation and technology fields by continuing to offer a summer program for talented elementary and secondary students.

Summer Engineering Experience for Girls

Safety21 is proud to support CMU’s Summer Engineering Experience for Girls (SEE). In SEE, 8th and 9th grade girls are invited to work alongside engineers from all different areas of engineering to learn how they can make a difference and create sustainable alternatives to today’s largest environmental and economic problems.

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