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Innovation in transportation never ceases. Just a short hundred years ago, the trains, planes and automobiles we have come to welcome into our daily lives were in their infancy. Today, our hopes are more enlightened as we contemplate the notion of driverless cars, connected vehicles and safer ways to travel. Even our cities are getting smarter with greater connectivity and technological innovation that transform the way people live and interact within them.   

So while there is much ground to cover, we are rapidly keeping pace. Safety21 conducts multi-year research programs that aim to assess and make improvements to transportation safety, as well as develop more livable communities.

Research Projects

Review a list of all active Safety21 Projects here and a comprehensive list of both active & completed Safety21 Projects by visiting our database.

Research Recaps

Research recaps are one-page overviews of the US DOT University Transportation Center funded research.  Each recap includes a description of the research project’s purpose, approach, key findings, conclusions, contact information for the research team and a link to the final research report. Review all Research Recaps.

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