Safety21 Projects

Project NameProject NumberPIUniversity
Evaluating Autonomous Vehicles’ Safety Benefits in Mixed Autonomy Scenarios417Carlee Joe-WongCMU
Transforming Transportation Planning and Policy for Safety423Chris HendricksonCMU
Estimating the Effects of Vehicle Automation and Vehicle Weight and Size on Crash Frequency and Severity: Phase 1426Corey HarperCMU
Risk-Aware Warning and Control for Interactive Traffic Safety 428John DolanCMU
Cybersecurity risk assessment in connected intelligent systems for designing resilient systems436Zulqarnain KhattakCMU
Radar-Camera Infrastructure for Automotive Safety438Swarun KumarCMU
Computational Imaging for Improving Vehicle Safety439Aswin SankaranarayananCMU
Connected Vision for Increased Pedestrian Safety (CVIPS)440Vijayakumar BhagavatulaCMU
Mitigating Cascading Failures for Safety in Transportation Networks in the Era of Autonomous Vehicles449Osman YaganCMU
PedPal Lite: An ATSC-Independent Safe Intersection Crossing App465Stephen SmithCMU
Intersection Safety for the Vulnerable 466Srinivasa NarasimhanCMU
The PennSTART Safety Standards Project467Peter ZhangCMU
Generating Safety-Critical Driving Scenarios for the Design of the CAV Proving-Ground - using domain knowledge, causality, and large language models469Ding ZhaoCMU
Safe decision-making in interactive environments 471Yorie NakahiraCMU
Co-designing Safety-Enhancing ADAS with Transit Operators476Sarah FoxCMU
Mitigating crash risks in work zones: causal inference and Crash Modification Factors480Sean QianCMU
Improve highway safety by reducing the risks of landslides425Zhuping ShengMSU
Hierarchical Decision Making and Control in RL-based Autonomous Driving for Improved Safety in Complex Traffic Scenarios413Keith RedmillOSU
Vehicle-in-Virtual-Environment (VVE) Method for Developing and Evaluating VRU Safety of Connected and Autonomous Driving422Levent GuvencOSU
Safe and efficient automated freeway traffic control424Benjamin CoifmanOSU
Monitoring of Urban Roadway Safety Hazards from Existing Bus-based Video Imagery444Rabi MishalaniOSU
Safety in Connected Automated Vehicles in the presence of Vulnerable Road Users451Umit OzgunerOSU
Evaluating the effectiveness of urban speed cameras on traffic safety in a period of dramatic change420Erick GuerraUPenn
Low-cost Real-Time Learning-based Localization for Autonomous Systems441Rahul MangharamUPenn
AV4EV - Open-source Autonomous Vehicle software for Open-standard Electric Vehicle platforms443Rahul MangharamUPenn
Safety through Agility: Using Mixed Reality to tune shared autonomy systems446Rahul MangharamUPenn
Digital Twin for Driving450Erick GuerraUPenn
Disparities in Access to Driver Education for Teens as a Health and Mobility Equity Issue 473Megan RyersonUPenn
Enhancing traffic safety and connectivity: A data-driven multi-step-ahead vehicle headway prediction leveraging high-resolution vehicular trajectories470Mohamadhossein NoruzoliaeeUTRGV
On the role of perceived safety concerns on public acceptance behavior of autonomous vehicles472Fatemeh NazariUTRGV

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