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Pushing the needle on transportation safety.

Transportation is at the cusp of a major revolution. Sensors such as inexpensive hi-res cameras, digital imaging radars and solid-state lidars with no moving parts are available today. Advances in AI and machine learning have made possible what was deemed impossible only ten years ago. Meanwhile, there were more than 42,000 automotive fatalities in the US in 2021, a shocking 10% increase from the year before. Most automotive crashes unfortunately have human error as a lead cause. Pedestrians and other vulnerable road users continue to be disproportionately victimized.

To address these challenges to mobility safety, Safety21 aims to take a revolutionary leap in our transportation network, enabled by a transformative approach which offers safety and reliability in an equitable, sustainable and efficient fashion across multiple modes.


Technologies, policies and incentives must work together to address the large-scale and rapidly-changing demands of transportation. At Safety21, we are dedicated to researching novel approaches to improve the use of infrastructure, utility of vehicles and lives of people, with a deliberate focus on equitable integration which is embedded in our tagline Innovating Safety for All.

Education & Workforce Development

Research and technology is only one half of the new mobility equations. The transportation industry is being deluged with disruptive technologies just as its current, aging workforce faces mass retirement. Educating, training and inspiring the current and next generation of transportation professionals is critical to the success of new safety-focused technology.

Technology Transfer

It’s not enough for us just to pursue research. Our vision goes beyond that. At Safety21, our goal for every research project is eventual pilot deployment and technology transfer so that our real-world partners may apply our innovations equitably and sustainably to address our country’s transportation challenges.


Core to the past three UTCs led by CMU, collaboration between our academic and 190+ public, non-profit and private consortium partners extends nationally. At Safety21, we rely on our robust Deployment Partner Consortium membership for continuing research project development and deployment, technology licensing and several other efforts.

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