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Smart Campus Student Organization

Smart Campus is a student-driven, multidisciplinary organization that develops innovative solutions through collaborative efforts and project-based teams to improve the Ohio State community. A smart campus leverages data analytics and technological advances to improve campus life through enhanced university services. Our organization engages in internal campus projects, uses campus as a test bed for industry sponsored projects, and collaborates with the Smart Columbus initiative through the blending of students from diverse academic backgrounds. Learn more >

Current Projects:
  • Food Recovery Network: The Smart Campus Organization is currently collaborating with another student organization called Food Recovery Network (FRN) to reduce the amount of food waste on campus.  The students in FRN go around to various dining locations on campus and pick-up food that would otherwise be thrown out, but is still within expiration limits, and distributes that food into the community through a network of local food pantries.  Smart Campus will be developing an application to more efficiently and reliably track the amount of food that is being donated to the food pantries through Food Recovery Network.  The objective is to provide FRN and OSU with meaningful data to support the university’s sustainability goals.
  • National Church Residencies (Mobility in the physical sense!): Smart Campus developed a Tech Education and Surveying Program for National Church Residences First Community Village, to better understand the adaptability of senior citizens to app-based mobility services. Learn more >
  • Patient Courtesy Shuttle: Smart Campushas identified several inefficiencies and limitations with the current system, and has proposed the development of an on-demand ordering application. Learn more >
  • eBike Project: The Smart Campus Organization is working to reduce the number of cars on campus roads by creating an electric bike service for faculty and staff. Learn more >
  • Bike Hub: The multipurpose hub will serve as a bike repair shop, as well as an educational and collaborative space welcome to all. Learn more >

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