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The Ohio State University EcoCAR team is one of 12 teams competing in the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge. The team is made up of around 75 students, ranging from undergraduate freshmen to Ph.D. candidates. Students on the team have a diverse variety of majors, from mechanical and electrical engineering to business and communication. Learn more >

Defending champion Ohio State revved up for next EcoCAR competition:

A team of students from The Ohio State University has been selected to participate in the upcoming Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTC), EcoCAR Mobility Challenge.

The four-year collegiate automotive competition aims to develop a highly-skilled workforce by providing hands-on experience designing and building next-generation mobility solutions to meet our nation’s future energy and mobility challenges. Teams will be challenged to re-engineer a 2019 Chevrolet Blazer. Incorporating advanced propulsion systems, electrification and connected and automated vehicle technology, they will improve the energy efficiency, safety and consumer appeal of the Blazer, with the carsharing market in mind.

“The team is ecstatic to compete in the next generation of EcoCAR challenges,” said Simon Trask, co-engineering manager for the Ohio State EcoCAR team. “With connected and automated vehicle technologies in the competition scope, our team can develop our design alongside the recent industry developments. Not only are we in exciting new territory for AVTCs, but we also have the opportunity to invest in students who will one day become leaders in this rapidly growing industry.”

EcoCAR Mobility Challenge is sponsored by the U.S. Department of EnergyGeneral Motors and MathWorks, and managed by Argonne National Laboratory.

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