Deployment Partner Consortium Symposium

Deployment Partner Consortium Symposium

Our Safety21 Deployment Partner Consortium is utilized for identifying real-world transportation needs, research project development and deployment, technology licensing and commercialization, student recruitment for jobs and internships, as well as class and capstone projects.

Putting our research, development and deployment approach into action – the annual deployment partner symposium provides an opportunity for interaction and discussion among researchers, students and deployment partners. Conversations are held not only during the formal program, panels and poster sessions, but also during breaks and over lunch.

Safety21 University Transportation Center Deployment Partner Consortium Symposium

Thursday, November 16, 2023


9:00AM:    Welcome & Program Updates – Presentation

  • Theresa Mayer, Vice-President for Research, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Raj Rajkumar, Director, Safety21, US DOT National University Transportation Center

10:00AM:   Keynote Speaker – Presentation

  • Caesar SinghDirector, University Transportation  Centers (UTC) Grants Program, U.S. Department of Transportation

10:30AM:   Break

11:00AM:    Panel: Autonomous Vehicles and Connected Infrastructure – Presentations

The continuous integration of advanced driver-assist systems into connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) is accelerating the transition of human-driven vehicles to a fully driverless option.  There are also technological advancements of connected infrastructure, such as autonomous and integrated traffic signals.  However, are we seeing few deployments of both CAV and connected infrastructure beyond pilot and demonstration projects. In this discussion, we will explore the challenges and opportunities of enabling deployments of CAV in connected infrastructure systems that are both safe, equitable and sustainable.
  • Peter Adriaens, Professor of Engineering and Entrepreneurship, University of Michigan with Courtesy Appointment Cities + Mobility + Built Environment focused on Smart Infrastructure Finance
  • Kendra Davenport, President and CEO, Easter Seals
  • Corey HarperAssistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jim Katsafanas, VP/ National Connected and Automated Vehicle Technology Director, Michael Baker International
  • Allanté Whitmore (moderator), Director, Autonomous Vehicle Initiative, SAFE

12:00PM:   Lunch and Networking

1:30PM:     Panel: Safe Deployment of AV in Public Realm (Going Beyond Test Tracks) – Presentations

Though there have been significant advancements in its 30+ year history, the journey to deploying fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) has not been straightforward or even logical. While technological challenges still remain, the issues related to safely deploying AVs in the public realm and going beyond test tracks are complex. In recent months we’ve witnessed the challenges that California faced as it allowed (and then stopped) hundreds of AVs to drive on city streets in San Francisco and Los Angeles. This plenary session, you will hear from experts who are working to develop the technology and policies to ensure that autonomous vehicles can go beyond test tracks and be deployed safely within the public realm.
  • Bob Kreeb, Director, Office of Analysis, Research and Technology, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Taylor Manahan, Director, Advanced Mobility, Transportation Research Center
  • Lorraine Martin (moderator), President & CEO, National Safety Council
  • Chris Mullen, Senior Director, Organizational Safety, Aurora
  • Tim White, Senior Vice-President, Business Development and Strategy, Regional Industrial Development Corporation (RIDC)

2:30PM:     Research Project Showcase and Networking Reception – Safety21 Posters 

    4:00PM:     Adjourn

     Photos from the Event: 


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