Earth Day 2024 report card: Experts address America’s climate change action

Earth Day offers an annual opportunity for citizens, experts and lawmakers to not only celebrate the planet, but examine our impact on the changing environment and demand a push toward a sustainable future… Greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide concentrations are now more abundant in the earth’s atmosphere than any time in […]

B.C. bans self-driving vehicles on its roads

Earlier this month, changes to B.C.’s Motor Vehicle Act quietly came into effect, prohibiting the use of fully automated self-driving vehicles. The new legislation restricts someone from driving Level 3 or higher automated vehicles, as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and also prohibits the use of features that cause a vehicle to […]

Future-Proofing Automotive V2X

Experts at the Table: Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss Vehicle-To-Everything (V2X) technology and the path to deployment with Shawn Carpenter, program director, 5G and space at Ansys; Lang Lin, principal product manager at Ansys; Daniel Dalpiaz, senior manager product marketing, Americas, green industrial power division at Infineon; David Fritz, vice president of virtual and […]

An AI star seeks to bring self-driving cars to Japan by 2030

Issei Yamamoto became one of Japan’s best-known developers of artificial intelligence when his algorithm defeated the top-ranked player of shogi. Now, he’s pursuing an even more challenging task of human emulation: achieving a fully self-driving automotive system. The 38-year-old is returning to the public eye with the backing of some of Japan’s biggest businesses, including […]

MAN becomes first manufacturer to test autonomous truck on motorway

MAN has become the first commercial vehicle manufacturer to send a level 4 autonomous truck on to the motorway in Germany. The test truck drove around 10km on the A9 between the Allershausen and Furholzen junctions, and is one of a series of tests on motorways as the manufacturer works towards series of production of […]

Waymo Self-Driving Taxis Heading to Atlanta

Waymo’s expansion is set to continue after the company revealed plans to test its self-driving taxis in Atlanta, Georgia, this summer. The news was confirmed by the firm, owned by Google parent Alphabet, in a post on X, where it said it would be continuing its process of evaluating how its autonomous Waymo Driver tech […]

How are maps and data defining the future of the mobility and traffic technology sector?

Location data and geospatial technology help shape the future of an entire industry The endless possibilities associated with location data as well the power of maps are topics that we’ve explored in great detail, but the practical implications of both can difficult to define. Taking the geographic approach for which Esri CEO Jack Dangermond has […]

Inside the AI ‘revolution’ powering Europe’s autonomous vehicle startups

In 1987, Europe played host to the largest ever R&D project on driverless vehicles. The Prometheus Project pulled in €749m in funding from the intergovernmental organisation Eureka — which included 20 European countries… Its mandate was to look into the use of tech like AI to develop autonomous vehicles (AVs) and a safer road traffic […]

Baidu’s self-driving project swerves to profit-chasing after burning cash for years

Baidu’s loss-making autonomous-driving project Apollo will focus on generating revenue and profits after a seven-year testing phase, as the Chinese internet search giant pivots to generative artificial intelligence (AI), according to an internal letter written by the unit chief. While Baidu is one of the country’s leading players in self-driving vehicle technology, it has yet […]

Senate Democrats urge crackdown on autonomous vehicles and driver assist

Two prominent Senate Democrats are calling for increased scrutiny of autonomous vehicles and advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS) like Tesla’s Autopilot, arguing that the unimpeded flow of highly automated vehicles on public roads in recent years risks exacerbating the traffic safety crisis in the US. Automakers and tech companies say the technology can lead to safer […]

Volkswagen Developing New Architecture for Automated EVs in China

The Volkswagen Group has entered into an agreement with Guangzhou automaker XPeng to jointly develop a new digital architecture for electric vehicles on sale in China. The hope is that the China Electrical Architecture (CEA), which will be available on VW vehicles in the country starting in 2026, will make the German company more competitive […]

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