Drivewyze and Inrix provide real-time traffic alerts to truck drivers in Texas

Drivewyze, a connected truck service provider and the largest public-private weigh station bypass network operator, has announced a new Smart Roadways service with the Texas Department of Transportation to improve highway safety using Drivewyze’s connected truck network and Inrix real-time traffic data.

Through Drivewyze Smart Roadways, 285 miles of Interstate 45 between Dallas and Galveston are currently being monitored, providing truck drivers with in-cab alerts on sudden and unexpected slowdowns of traffic and other hazards. By the end of July, more than 3,000 interstate miles in Texas will be monitored. Texas joins nine other states that have partnered with Drivewyze and Inrix in rolling out traffic slowdown alerts as part of their connected truck safety programs.

The in-cab alerts use visual messages such as “sudden slowdown ahead” along with an audible chime and are configured to allow time for trucks to slow down or stop.

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