Can better truck design help protect vulnerable road users?

The Government Accountability Office has agreed to look into how vehicle design – including that of large commercial trucks – could improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and other road users.

The move comes in response to a request from Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), who sent a letter to the agency in May.

Raskin emphasized the need for solutions to protect pedestrians and bicyclists in “blind zones…”

Raskin also called on GAO to:

Explore challenges automakers and federal regulators face in addressing pedestrian and cyclist safety.
Determine options Congress and regulators should consider to reduce the risk of death related to vehicle design.
Research actions of transportation safety regulators in other countries to lower traffic deaths…

In a press release from Raskin’s office, National Safety Council President and CEO Lorraine M. Martin applauds his request for solutions that “federal government leaders can implement to eliminate these preventable tragedies.”

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