She’s the brains behind SEPTA’s brilliant merchandise

Meet Al’Lee Floyd, manager of the SEPTA Store and experiential design, who has turned the public transit agency’s merchandise in to must-have items and helped the store reach its most profitable year ever.

Relative peace: “The best part of SEPTA, and I tell anybody this, is that you can have family that works here and guess what? You never see them. It’s amazing!”

Feet of achievement: “Our most popular item, believe it or not, is socks. People love socks.”

Al’Lee Floyd was on the phone with one of her vendors for the SEPTA Store earlier this year, trying to come up with a new piece of Regional Rail merchandise that would track with transit enthusiasts.

The two settled on an image of the Silverliner IV, the railcar that debuted in the mid-’70s and is still used today.

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