Lidar comes to Peachtree Corners in another smart city project

Peachtree Corners, Georgia, 21 miles north of downtown Atlanta, is keeping the smart city ideal alive in the ongoing quest of city managers everywhere to keep pedestrians safe as they cross busy roadways while also helping drivers move efficiently on their way to work and shopping.

“We have a big focus on pedestrian safety even with exponential growth. We’ve approved a lot of development and we are car-centric,” assistant city manager and CTO Brandon Branham told Fierce Electronics…

Town leaders spend time examining if “we are implementing the right planning and slowing speeds,” he added. Roundabouts where pedestrians meet roadways are part of the planning formula, but there’s a heavy emphasis on traffic technology as well, some of it involving cellular connectivity to smart vehicles. Still, Branham is emphatic that pedestrian safety is job number 1, followed second with traffic efficiency.

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