Giving Directions: Wayfinder Empowers Drivers Beyond Turn-by-Turn Instructions

Jared Richmond knew Transfinder’s driver app Wayfinder was powerful.

The director of transportation at the Carl Junction School District in Missouri said he’s handed out Wayfinder-imbedded tablets to new substitute drivers he is looking to recruit and admits, when he calls subs, the topic of tablets immediately comes up.

“That’s the first thing they say, ‘Do I get the tablet?’” Richmond said.

Mission accomplished. “We bought them solely – to start out – to help our subs,” he said.

The district recently switched from another routing product to Transfinder’s award-winning routing solution Routefinder PLUS. Those routes are displayed, via Wayfinder, on a tablet. Districts can either purchase tablets through Transfinder or use their existing tablets to run Wayfinder.

The value of Wayfinder was heightened when it played a key role in preventing a runaway from getting off at the wrong stop and remaining missing without detection.

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