First look: America’s smartest highway

A three-mile stretch of I-94 in Michigan offers a glimpse of America’s future highways, with tech-enabled lanes for connected and automated vehicles that could one day let drivers sit back and relax…

Roadside technology can provide important situational awareness to automated and semi-automated vehicles, helping to make roads safer, more efficient and less congested.

Driving the news: Cavnue, a Washington, D.C.-based subsidiary of Alphabet’s Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners, just finished construction on the pilot phase of a first-of-its-kind connected corridor in Michigan.

For now, the tech is providing real-time data and insights about traffic, weather, potholes, obstacles and other road conditions to Michigan’s Department of Transportation (MDOT).
Longer term, it’ll feed information and advisories directly to connected and automated vehicles traveling in dedicated lanes along a 40-mile stretch of I-94 between Detroit and Ann Arbor.
The ultimate goal: cars and roads collaborating for more efficient transportation.

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