Drivers Would Give Data for Life Saving: Risky Driving Persists

An overwhelming 86% of U.S. drivers would be more willing to share driving behavior data if they knew it could help prevent the loss of life. That’s a key takeaway from a mobility data and analytics company, Arity.

Despite technological advancements in cars, the rise in traffic, distracted driving, and insurance premiums have made driving more time-consuming, costly, and dangerous, with traffic fatalities rising by 30%1 over the past decade. The willingness of drivers to contribute their data underscores the growing recognition of data’s pivotal role in addressing road safety concerns nationwide…

To gauge current attitudes towards driving safety, tolerance for dangerous driving behaviors, and related concerns, Arity surveyed 1,000 licensed U.S. drivers and performed an in-depth analysis of its anonymized, user-permissioned data aggregated across 40 million U.S. mobile connections, providing detailed insights into driving trends to inform and inspire action.”

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