Mandated Anti-Speeding Tech For New Vehicles Begins In Europe

Motorists who enjoy speeding along Germany’s Autobahn or other European high-speed roads should be prepared to be encouraged to slow down by a group of electronic backseat drivers known as intelligent speed assistance or ISA.

Starting Monday, every new vehicle sold in Europe must be equipped with an ISA system, according to a directive by European Commission’s European Road Safety Charter. The move comes two years after the body made ISA mandatory for new models/types of vehicles introduced on the continent…

“There is a growing recognition among drivers for the need to curb speeding. This shift in public perception is critical. During the past few years, drivers have become more aware of the capabilities and benefits of vehicle advanced driver-assistance systems or ADAS. ISA systems represent a promising near-term advancement in ADAS technology,” said Stuart Ryan, General Manager, Americas Region, HERE Technologies in an email conducted by email.

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