Denver Regional Transportation District launches central traffic signal priority system

The Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD) and ITS solutions provider Init have announced the launch of a centralised live traffic signal priority system project (LIVEtsp).

The first LIVEtsp in the USA will support up to 400 buses simultaneously and is designed to help speed up buses’ journey times.

Developed by Mattersoft, the LIVEtsp web-based user interface provides a real-time map showing vehicle positions once per second for real-time accuracy…

RTD’s system supports up to 400 vehicles online simultaneously and manages approximately 3,000 traffic signal priority requests daily.

The system includes a conditional priority feature, whereby buses are prioritised according to their current lateness and/or load. Buses that are ahead of schedule will not be granted priority.

Priority requests will be processed on the server based on incoming vehicle data and transmitted to the city’s traffic signal controllers through a seamless cellular connection from the LIVEtsp backend.

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