Autonomous big rigs from Volvo and Aurora are coming to highways

…Surveys show that 65% of people would feel unsafe sharing the road with an autonomous freight truck…The idea of a vehicle that large operating without a human in control at high speeds is understandably concerning for most.

But that’s exactly what could be headed to a highway near you as soon as this summer. Volvo and self-driving tech company Aurora have teamed up to create the Volvo VNL autonomous truck. This big rig is packed with Aurora’s autonomous driving smarts and redundant safety systems.

While it may seem jarring at first, their “self-driving truck” will actually have a human safety operator on board… This person can take over if the autonomous systems encounter any issues. Volvo plans to start hauling freight loads with their autonomous trucks over the next few months as they prep for broader commercial operations. And Volvo has already kicked off manufacturing a launch fleet of autonomous trucks at their Virginia plant.

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