Fight for local regulations on driverless cars continues after SB 915 pulled from floor

The fight over who controls self-driving taxis on city streets continues.

State Senator Dave Cortese pulled his Senate Bill 915 this week after the Assembly Committee on Transportation presented major amendments.

The bill would have allowed cities and counties to install their own regulations around autonomous vehicles…

Right now, only the DMV is allowed to issue permits to AV companies and has the authority to revoke permits if an AV is not safe on public roads.

“All fire local and police is directed by cities and counties, not the state. And yet, the DMV is authorizing Waymo to go into cities like San Francisco and now 22 other jurisdictions,” Cortese said.

Just last month, Waymo announced it would be expanding fully autonomous, driving down the Peninsula to Sunnyvale.

We spoke with tech expert Ahmed Banafa, who expected the proposed bill would fail and said giving local control to cities could be complicated.

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