A Nvidia-backed self-driving truck startup says its AI-powered cars will hit the roads next year

More self-driving trucks are coming to Texas next year, as Canadian startup Waabi is getting ready to put its artificial intelligence-powered fleet on the road.

Waabi is one of just a handful of autonomous vehicle companies that have taken an AI-first approach to tackling self-driving vehicles, relying on a generative AI model to predict how vehicles move. Like generator tools such as OpenAI’s DALL-E, Waabi takes data gathered by lidar to create a map of its surroundings before breaking down that information to predict how vehicles will move in the very near future.

Unlike rivals like Waymo or Tesla, Waabi doesn’t rely on the time and cost-heavy method of operating a fleet of cars collecting data by driving millions of miles on public roads. Rather, it uses a simulation — Waabi World — to test scenarios at scale and predict results. The Toronto-based company says its AI system is capable of “human-like” reasoning, which lets it generalize common scenarios.

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