New Vehicle-Tracking AI Aims to Address Privacy Concerns

A new AI-powered video evidence tool due for release this summer promises to help police better track vehicles via details that go beyond make, model and year.

The product, from California-based Veritone…uses AI to identify people as “human-like objects,” he said. That means it avoids the use of facial recognition and other biometric markers and instead relies on such traits as, say, the color of a person’s shoes and clothes, or whether they are wearing sunglasses.

Such features can be mentioned in alerts, used in photo arrays and otherwise help investigators find suspects or missing persons.

One of the ideas driving that approach is to avoid any backlash against facial recognition — some cities have banned the tech’s use for police, though it remains unclear how well those bans are working — and to avoid as much as possible any worries about the potential for AI to invade personal privacy.

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