Detroit Autonomous Delivery Pilot Will Begin With Food Waste

Those sidewalk bots taking to the streets in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood may not be delivering pizzas, or a Starbucks coffee order — they could be carrying banana peels, onion skins or even used coffee grounds.

That’s because a pilot project in the historic district, the Autonomous Robotic Pickup Platform, will partner autonomous sidewalk bots with a composting startup and an urban farm to test new uses for self-operating vehicle technology. Food scraps are just the beginning…

“We as a team have a lot of experience with autonomous delivery,” said Hannah Ranieri, an innovation strategist at OSB. “We’ve been doing autonomous delivery pilots with corporate partners for the past four years, and wanted [to] leverage a lot of that experience and that knowledge to start our own pickup platform, leveraging autonomous robots, and potentially drones in the future.”

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