AI-powered cameras to sweep streets for code violations in a California city

Booming interest in AI has left cities grappling with how to use it to make local government more efficient while minimizing negative unintended consequences.

“AI is going to work its way into your city at some point,” whether it’s through a vendor or an intern, said Stephen Caines, chief innovation officer for the city of San Jose, California, at last month’s Smart City Expo USA. He advised cities to figure out the rules of the road now.

Stockton will be the first California city to use City Detect’s software..The company uses vehicle-mounted cameras to analyze scenarios throughout the city, with its machine learning system analyzing the built environment “exponentially faster than traditional reporting methods,” according to the city’s legislation text.

Locations are given a relative blight score, which reflects their blight or deterioration compared with other areas, the document says. That score allows code enforcement officers to prioritize resources and interventions.

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