Los Angeles City Council votes to monitor driverless vehicles

The Los Angeles City Council voted Tuesday to bolster their ability to regulate driverless vehicles as concerns rise.

Council members approved recommendations to monitor and address issues with autonomous vehicles in the city. The council also backed three bills in the state Legislature aimed at providing municipalities more power to regulate AVs, and to gain access to testing data…

The motion called for gathering more information around local, state and federal laws that govern the use of AVs; options for the city to gain access to testing data; and opportunities to support legislation that would empower Los Angeles elected officials in regulating AVs within city limits.

In March, the California Public Utilities Commission authorized AV company Waymo to expand its operations in the Los Angeles area. The company then launched Waymo One, a driverless ride-hailing service in a 63-square mile area stretching from Santa Monica and Venice to downtown Los Angeles.

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