A behind-the-scenes peek at the control centre trying to keep Toronto’s clogged streets moving

On a weekday afternoon, in a building near Thorncliffe Park, several people sit in a dark room, watching close-ups of Toronto’s gnarliest intersections on TVs that line the walls.

The atmosphere is calm — only the sounds of typing and beeping of radios break the quiet. The hush inside the room is far cry from the horns and screeches of Toronto’s traffic jams.

The 10 or so people in the room are technicians and engineers tasked with tackling Toronto’s crushing congestion…

In its attempts to ease the city’s legendarily bad traffic, the city is trying to keep vehicles moving on a micro level by deploying traffic agents at clogged intersections such as King Street and University Avenue. On Wednesday, the Star visited Toronto’s traffic operations centre in North York to see how the city is keeping traffic moving on a macro, system-wide level.

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