Curbs in Hoboken, N.J., Get Ready to Be ‘Reimagined’

Transportation officials at a small, dense city near the metropolitan New York area are digitizing their curbs as part of transitioning the streetscape from static, inflexible uses to more dynamic places capable of adjusting quickly.

Hoboken, N.J., is working with transportation tech platform Populus and the urban design firm Kimley-Horn on the project. The end result should be a multidimensional map layered with details relevant to curbside problems like congestion and double parking, and to handling competitors for curb space like deliveries, ride-hailing and micromobility…

Creating a digital map of the city is a first step in the process of putting in place a framework to collect and analyze the voluminous amount of real-time and other data available from modern transportation systems and smart city applications. The project is known as The Curb Reimagined.

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