Orlando ranked lower on deadliest pedestrian cities list, it’s not good news

Florida was home to six of the top 20 deadliest cities for pedestrians in the country, with Orlando ranked at 18. The study by Smart Growth America found that between 2018 and 2022, Black pedestrians were twice as likely to be killed by a vehicle when crossing traffic. Native Americans were four times as likely.

The disproportionate deaths observed in Florida are likely due to structural racism,and the decisions to place highly trafficked thoroughfares through low-income neighborhoods where minorities were living in the 1950s, the study showed.

“You could go to any region and look at the roadways and the areas designed after 1950. And those are the most dangerous roads, without exception,” said Beth Osborne, vice president of transportation at Smart Growth America. “Everything developed after we started building interstates are filled with wide, fast, straight, dangerous roadways for pedestrians and for nonpedestrians. The high-speed roads and complicated areas lead to crashes that kill people inside of cars too.”

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