AMP, Virginia waste company collaborate on AI-powered facility to divert recycling from MSW

Recycling and Disposal Solutions is now sorting recyclables and organics from bagged municipal solid waste at its new AI-powered facility in Portsmouth, Virginia, the latest development in its ongoing collaboration with AMP.

RDS has been processing recycling at its Portsmouth location since 2005, but most MSW went to the landfill. Last year, it built a 33,000-square-foot building at its existing site to process about 150 tons of MSW a day.

Numerous MRFs have adopted AI-powered sorters from AMP, but AMP ONE is meant to be an interconnected, facility-scale system instead of an individual piece of sorting equipment. The AMP ONE sortation system, designed to be co-located with landfills and transfer stations, separates bagged trash into mixed recyclables, organics and residue streams in a process AMP describes as “zero manual sortation.” The technology will help RDS divert about 60% of “landfill-bound material” when paired with RDS’s existing recycling systems and organics management programs, the company said in a news release.

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