To drive revenue, cities turn to tech to fix their parking problems

City parking is a pain for drivers and cities both. Drivers searching for the most convenient spot for the least cost add to congestion and greenhouse gas emissions when they repeatedly circle the block looking for an open space. Sometimes they double park, overstay a spot’s time limit or park in bus lanes or safety zones. On the city side, enforcement requires staff for ticketing or arranging for towing or installation of a boot. Equipment and parking lots must be maintained, safety ensured, and payments easy to submit and collect…

State and local governments raised $3 billion from parking charges in 2020, according to Census Bureau data. That’s why many are turning to technology to help drive parking reforms aimed at streamlining enforcement and increasing revenues and environmental friendliness.

Los Angeles, for instance, is preparing to test artificial intelligence to crack down on drivers who park in bus-only and priority lanes.

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