Groundwork laid for smarter future – new fibre to future-proof the state’s traffic network

You might not be able to see it, but the New South Wales traffic network is seamlessly shifting to a smarter and more connected future with the installation of new cutting-edge communications technology.

Transport for NSW Executive Director of Intelligent Transport Systems John Paul Ahern says the $15 million project to modernise traffic communications infrastructure with nbn optical fibre will meet future transport technology needs for decades to come.

“It sounds like a very simple solution – new fibre connecting things like traffic lights, smart motorways and CCTV cameras – but the thought and strategy behind it is quite sophisticated,” Mr Ahern said.

“Previously, we’ve been limited in our ability to unlock the benefits of fibre as the locations we want to connect aren’t premises; We’re talking about things like gantries and traffic lights that can be a considerable distance from the nearest home or workplace.

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