EVs will power buildings in Colorado city’s ‘transformative’ pilot

The V2X pilot will only utilize four chargers and a half dozen vehicles, but Xcel officials hope to broadly apply any findings about how EVs can be efficiently integrated onto its electric grid.

The project is the “first demonstration for us to study bill impacts and resiliency using bidirectional charging and [V2X] software,” Xcel spokesperson Tyler Bryant said in an emailed statement. “V2X technology is new in Colorado and our teams hope to learn from the pilot in anticipation of this technology’s growth as more customers drive electric…”

The V2X pilot chargers will be located at Boulder Housing Partners’ 30 Pearl development, which provides affordable housing, and the Molly’s Spirits Lakeside facility, a beverage store. Xcel installed four 20 kW Level 2 EV bidirectional chargers between the sites, with each capable of discharging to the building, but not to the grid.

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