When Counting Broadband Users, Remember Connected Vehicles

Broadband infrastructure may be the latest public utility connecting homes and businesses, but it’s also foundational to the emergence of “smart roads” and autonomous vehicles (AVs).

Much of the discussion around broadband expansion has been focused, appropriately, on connecting large swaths of the nation with no Internet or less-than-stellar infrastructure. But, technology panelists said Wednesday, the need for rapid connectivity infrastructure is essential to much of the real-time, vehicle-to-everything environment needed to support the widespread application of AVs — and to emerging transportation innovations like drones or electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.

“When we’re talking about a resilient and adaptable urban environment, having a great service with low latency, high speed is really important when we’re processing that kind of data,” said India Herdman, senior manager of policy affairs with the Consumer Technology Association, speaking on a panel hosted by Broadband Breakfast, a news and policy organization focused on broadband technology.

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