Peachtree Corners Smart City Rolls Out IoT-Driven Traffic Optimization Tech

Curiosity Lab is rolling out traffic optimization technology for 5G-connected smart city Peachtree Corners in a new partnership with video software developer Network Optix.

Under the partnership, the smart city will integrate Network Optix’s Nx Go solution into its IoT Control Room to collect data from traffic camera feeds and sensors installed on roads to inform infrastructure development and improve road and pedestrian safety.

The collaboration marks the first time Nx Go has been deployed as a full solution in the U.S.

“We’re proud to be the first city to fully integrate the Nx Go solution for transportation infrastructure in the U.S.,” said Brandon Branham, Curiosity Lab’s executive director. “Our IoT Control room has been a model for how other smart cities across the world can aggregate massive amounts of data from sensors across connected infrastructure into the future.”

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