NREL’s Open-Source Vehicle & Mobility Tools Offer Routes to Reduce Transportation Energy Use, Emissions

Energy efficiency and on-road performance are central to the future of transportation and the clean energy transition. The U.S. Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL’s) modeling and analysis tools target technical barriers to the advancement of technologies and systems that optimize efficiency and performance while reducing emissions…

Because this type of software is so customizable, it allows users to gear tools to meet their unique needs and to answer their specific questions. Open-source software also levels the playing field and provides a common framework for automakers, regulators, and other research entities to share and validate each other’s work.

“Tools are only as useful as they are adaptable to specific needs, so it’s vital that NREL’s transportation and mobility tools can address the specific challenges decision makers face,” said NREL’s Jake Holden, a senior decarbonized vehicle systems researcher.

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