Biden just quietly took a key step to ‘decriminalize’ traffic safety policy

The Biden administration recently took a crucial but little-noticed step to improve public safety: it ended a deeply flawed policing program that encouraged law enforcement nationwide to use traffic stops as a pretext for fighting crime.

It must now ensure that what comes next is a step forward.

The program, Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS), was based on the idea that by pulling over more drivers in “high crime” areas, even for minor infractions like broken taillights, police could reduce both traffic crashes and street crime simultaneously…

In Nashville, a city that at one time championed this approach, researchers found no relationship between the number of police stops and crime levels. And when Fayetteville, N.C. scaled back stops for minor violations, traffic accidents actually fell, presumably because police had more time to focus on genuine safety-related stops.

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