Autos giant Peugeot is trialing driverless tech — with a twist — for Amazon-style deliveries

French car giant Peugeot told CNBC this week that it’s partnering with Vay, a German mobility startup, to integrate so-called “teledriving” tech — an alternative to autonomous cars — into its vehicles.

The deal will see the two companies assess the use of Vay’s teledriving tech on “last-mile delivery” vans and smaller logistics vehicles, with a focus on business-to-business (B2B) customers.

The idea is to recreate the journey a delivery vehicle typically takes from an order fulfillment center to households or businesses, similar to the widely-known model already offered by Amazon — only this time with remote-controlled cars.

The first exploratory test drives of Vay’s technology with Peugeot vehicles already took place last year with the Pegueot E-308 electric car.

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