A Tesla’s Near Miss With a Train Raises New Concerns About Self-Driving Cars

One Tesla owner is lucky to be alive after his Model 3 attempted to drive itself into an oncoming train—for the second time. Craig Doty II recently posted a video of his close call on a Tesla fan forum, and the footage has made its way onto the wider internet.. While Doty took control of the vehicle in time to avert disaster, many are wondering how Tesla’s self-driving tech missed an active railroad crossing…

The video below shows conditions were mildly hazy on the road, but the flashing lights of the intersection were visible several seconds before the train was. Even Tesla’s compressed video shows the train emerging from the fog a full five seconds before Doty swerved off the road… responding officer cited him for “failure to control” his vehicle, but a judge dismissed the $175 fine on the condition Doty or his insurance paid to repair the crossing arm.

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