Mount Washington landslide mitigation begins as climate challenges increase

Monongahela has been translated from Lenape to mean “high banks or bluffs, breaking off and falling down in places,” or “many landslides.” Hovering above the Monongahela River next to Station Square, Mt. Washington’s slouching slopes are getting a lift…

There could be more efficient and cheaper ways to catch a landslide before it takes down a hill, according to Karen Lightman, the executive director of Metro21 — a civic research institute at Carnegie Mellon University. One of Metro21’s projects used cameras on buses to track changes on roads. Lightman said equipping every public works truck or city bus on regular routes could be a first step in helping to monitor local slides. “It’s capturing images and it’s showing the change over time,” Lightman said. “You could actually see the deterioration. You could see the cracks in the road. You can see the start of a sinkhole. You can see the start of a landslide. And then they can be prevented.”

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