Chemists Chase Clean Ammonia to Replace Shipping Fuel

CLIMATEWIRE | The stinky ammonia under your sink comes from one of the world’s dirtiest industries. That might change with the help of President Joe Biden’s climate law.

Ammonia production is a carbon-intensive process that uses fossil fuels to make the pungent-smelling chemical, which is often used to make fertilizers. But some companies think it could also as a carbon-free fuel for cargo ships or to generate electricity…

The Inflation Reduction Act provided funding to support green ammonia projects to use the chemical to more cleanly power the grid, fuel cargo ships and maker fertilizer. Costa Samaras, Institute for Energy Innovation, offers perspective. “We’re now on this glide path to net-zero in 25 ½ years. So we need the types of clean manufacturing supply chain to deliver the speed and scale of clean equipment, so that we’re realizing the emissions reductions within the time frame that we have.”

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