GM’s self-driving car unit restarts testing on public roads

Cruise, General Motors’ autonomous driving technology subsidiary, will start taking its self-driving vehicles out on public roads again this week. The company had stopped testing last October following an incident in San Francisco in which a pedestrian was badly injured.

Cruise’s vehicles will begin driving again in Phoenix, Arizona, but with a “safety driver” at the wheel of the modified Chevrolet Bolt EVs. The vehicles will still mostly drive themselves but a person will be in the driver’s seat ready to take control if needed, such as in an emergency.

Last October, a Cruise self-driving car, with no one inside, hit a pedestrian after the person had first been struck by another vehicle. After striking the pedestrian, the Cruise vehicle attempted to pull off to the side of the road to avoid causing an obstruction. This resulted in the person being dragged across the pavement for about 20 feet, further injuring them.

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