Maine DOT Employs New Roadway Safety Technology

As construction projects ramp up across America, representatives in Maine are looking to their construction season…

Every year, Maine averages more than 500 crashes and two fatalities in work zones, according to Maine DOT. These are incidents that occurred close to areas where crews may be working near traffic. Historically, the leading causes of work zone crashes are drivers following too closely, being distracted, and failing to yield.

“Since construction season is here, we want to remind drivers that Maine’s ‘Move Over Law’ requires drivers to move over for any vehicle with green or amber lights,”” said John Cannell, director of maintenance for the Maine Turnpike Authority, in a statement…

This year, Maine DOT is using new technology to improve safety and awareness on road construction projects. The department has developed a specification for a Smart Work Zone System. This system involves deploying portable sensors miles ahead of interstate work zones.

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