Driverless semitrucks: How Pittsburgh-based Aurora tests for safety

Aurora Innovation, headquartered in the Strip District, has created driverless semitrucks that are already running autonomously in Texas with a safety operator behind the wheel.

Before the end of 2024, Aurora believes that it will be ready to pull the drivers, leaving those trucks to drive themselves…

It’s also a dangerous profession. In 2022, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says 5,936 people were killed in wrecks involving large trucks, up from 3,675 in 2010.

Nat Beuse, chief safety officer of Aurora Innovations, said the Pittsburgh-based company’s driverless semis are hoping to reduce those deaths.

“That’s a huge cost to society,” Beuse said. “You think of the families that are impacted by that, loved ones that are never coming home because of that. We don’t have to accept that.”

Aurora’s tech was designed and tested in Pittsburgh, at their Strip District headquarters and on the Almono test track in Hazelwood.

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