Daimler sets 2027 target for self-driving truck launch in the US

The truck showing off the self-driving tech was a fully-electric version of Daimler’s Freightliner Cascadia models, packed with long-range sensors that allow it to view the surrounding environment, writes The Verge. A powerful computer analyses the data and makes driving decisions based on this information.

Self-driving truck companies have previously been cagey about revealing potential launch dates for their products, but Daimler says it wants its vehicles on the roads somewhere in the Southwest US in 2027, transporting goods between hubs as part of a middle-mile freight hauling service.

Self-driving trucks go back a long way. Back in 2016, Otto, the self-driving truck start-up purchased for $680 million by Uber earlier that year, completed its maiden voyage, delivering beer in Colorado using a semi-trailer truck retrofitted with an array of cameras, lidar and radar equipment.

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