Autonomous car company Glydways to bring driverless public transit to East Contra Costa

Public transit has struggled to recover its pre-pandemic ridership, but an autonomous car company has a driverless transportation system that could make East Contra Costa County a leader in modern transit design.

On Tuesday, the county sponsored a technology fair at Bishop Ranch business park, which already has autonomous shuttles cruising through its parking lots. On display were a driverless mini-van for wheelchair bound people and a self-driving semi truck. But the star of the show was kept under wraps until the big reveal.

“Imagine that this is going to be your daily commute!” said Gokul Hemmady, CEO of the autonomous car company Glydways, as the crowd applauded.

It’s called a Glydcar, an autonomous rolling pod-like vehicle that can fit four people comfortably. It’s been under development for several years at the Gomentum testing facility at the old Concord Naval Weapons Station. On Tuesday, the public got its first look at the finished product.

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