The Father of the 15-Minute City Doubles Down on His Vision

When Carlos Moreno first introduced the phrase “15-minute city” at COP21 in 2015, it would have been hard to imagine that nine years later, he’d find himself vilified and threatened across the world, his concept for sustainable urban planning attacked by figures as wide-ranging as Jordan Peterson and Rishi Sunak…

In particular, Moreno’s vision of cities that de-emphasized private car use and encouraged more walking to nearby amenities made the model a target for critics who opposed urban vehicle restrictions — or who harbored fears of far-more far-reaching social engineering efforts.

Many criticisms are so divorced from anything Moreno has ever said or written that it would be understandable if he chose to step back from the fray. Instead, the Franco-Colombian scientist and urban theorist is trying to own the conversation with a new book out May 7 — his first in English — simply titled The 15-Minute City.

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