Roads to discovery: UF Transportation Institute opens new ‘living lab’

University of Florida Transportation Institute held a grand opening for its brand-new I-STREET Living Lab on Friday.

I-STREET, or Implementing Solutions from Transportation Research and Evaluation of Emerging Technologies, will give students an opportunity to get hands-on learning experience with researchers.

It will help the university “to develop, deploy and evaluate advanced transportation technologies to improve mobility and safety,” said Lily Elefteriadou, the director of the institute.

The $2 million state-of-the-art, 4,300-square-foot lab features a student village and traffic monitoring area, a traffic and signals lab and a three-bay vehicle lab and garage.

It’s not only a lab stationed in the confines of the UF campus, but connects surrounding roads on campus, Gainesville and across the state.

The I-STREET Lab was created to give students and researchers an easier way to work with their counterparts from other engineering disciplines, from mechanical to civil engineering.

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