“TfNSW to enhance safety on Sydney’s Western Distributor with smart motorway technology “

Sydney commuters can look forward to safer and smoother journeys along the busy Western Distributor, due to a new initiative by Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW). The installation of cutting-edge smart motorway technology promises to transform traffic management between the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Anzac Bridge, benefiting the 130,000 motorists who traverse this route daily.

The innovative plan involves the deployment of digital signage capable of providing real-time updates on traffic incidents and speed limit changes. This digital infrastructure will not only inform drivers promptly about road conditions but will also enhance response times to breakdowns and traffic snarls through automatic incident detection systems.

The inspiration behind this endeavour stems from the successful implementation of smart motorway technology on the M4 in 2021. Following its introduction, the number of crashes decreased by 25%, while travel times improved by 20%. Additionally, incident response and clearance times were halved, demonstrating the tangible benefits of such advanced traffic management systems.

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