Innovative AI-Controlled Traffic Light Enhances Safety Near Hamm School

In the bustling streets close to Maxipark in Hamm, a cutting-edge AI traffic light has been activated on Ostwennemarstraße, marking the city’s second foray into intelligent traffic management systems. This smart traffic signal dynamically adjusts its green phases in real time, responding to the movements of pedestrians, cyclists, and e-scooter riders, with a particular focus on enhancing safety for the students of the nearby Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gymnasium.

Created with the intent to improve a recognized danger zone, the intelligent crossing aims to resolve issues where previous measures, like pedestrian crossings and warning signs, have fallen short. By gathering constant data through mounted cameras atop the signal posts, the AI system is able to optimize crossing times and reduce the risk of accidents, particularly amongst the younger population often traversing the area.

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