Tesla robotaxi: Are autonomous vehicles safe enough for roads?

Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk has turned his attention to the latest endeavor for the EV company: robotaxis. After the heavy criticisms lobbed toward Tesla’s own full self-driving features and other automakers’ robotaxi fleets is this the right move for the electric vehicle innovator?

Edge Case Research CEO Michael Wagner — whose risk management specializes in autonomous driving adoption — explains that the technology is “”not yet good enough to operate everywhere”” based on many variables and is curious to see how Tesla has its self-driving data “”calibrated”” to account for safety.

“”What I would really love to see in that kind of an event is what’s called a safety case, which is a structured argument for why the technology is ready to go out on the road. We have standards that are written like UL 4600 that they could use to be able to argue that very effectively to the public and to regulators,”” Wagner says to Yahoo Finance.

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