Boston teams with climate tech company to map floods as they happen

The low-lying coastal city will use the technology to target alerts, evacuations and post-disaster resources to the neighborhoods that most need the support.

FloodMapp was founded in Australia in 2018. Since then, the startup has grown to serve government agencies and critical infrastructure operators in Australia and the U.S. Last year, the company announced that the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency will use its products to inform the National Flood Insurance Program.

FloodMapp describes its technology as built specifically for the purpose of emergency management. The company says that while most emergency managers rely on static flood studies primarily designed for planning and construction, its products rely on a model that uses machine learning to simulate all types of flooding, from coastal inundation to flash floods. The models draw on data such as forecasted and actual rainfall, real-time stream-level gauge information and terrain information. The company says on its website that its models correctly identify up to 85% of inundated properties compared to state government damage assessment data.

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